3 Gadgets Made Obsolete by the Smartphone

While many of us think the smartphone is a wonderful thing, it has hurt some gadgets. In the past, many tools that we paid good money for were individual gadgets that came separately. Now, they tend to be bundled into our smartphones as an app. While there is almost an app for everything these days, there is no specialist device any longer. What has been consumed by the rise of the smartphone?

Photo: Rodion Kutsaiev/Unsplash

Alarm clock

The alarm clock used to be a staple sitting next to our bed, but now most of us just use the alarm app on our smartphones. This is easier, means you do not have to worry about the battery in your clock dying, and ensures you can quickly browse through your emails, chats, etc. to try and wake yourself up. When the alarm goes off now, we look for our phone as opposed to a clock!

Digital camera

The digital camera is now something only used by genuine professionals looking for the perfect shot. For just about any social photo you might want to take, your smartphone can offer the same quality of picture without having to carry around a specific camera. Given your phone is easily connected to social media and chat apps, too, you can easily share your content with friends and family. Compared to an old camera, this is just so much easier.

Photo: Jamie Street/Unsplash

GPS tracker

Given our phones can easily and accurately track our location, GPS and satellite navigation aids for our vehicles are almost a thing of the past. It is easier, cheaper, and simpler to just attach your smartphone to a little device and have it easily accessible. Compared to how popular they once were, it is almost a waste of time and money now to buy a GPS tracker when your phone does an equal, or better, job.

These three gadgets have been, in the main, wiped out from actual commercial purchases. While some companies still make these, the number of people who buy such products is increasingly reducing. It is easy to see why, too; if you can do it all from one device, why not save yourself time and storage space?