3 Inspiring Lessons From an Entrepreneur Who Makes Six Figures Per Month

When we look at the rich and the famous, we often look at the visibly rich – TV stars, media personalities, and business owners. Yet many of the people that we can be truly inspired by, and learn from, earn still-staggering sums of money. Instead of trying to take cues from an actor with a talent that is nigh-impossible to develop, it might be better to learn from business minds like Patrick Flynn.

Photo: Mathieu Stern/Unsplash

Flynn is a US-born businessman who makes six figures – around $170,000 – every single month. He offers some great life lessons and tips; tips that we all could probably learn from. What, then, is his surprisingly effective wisdom?

Focus on where your expertise lies

Flynn used to work for an architecture firm, but he was let go and instead pivoted to building a website. On this website, he taught people how to pass architecture exams and how to learn about the industry. From there, he started selling study guides and architecture assistance to students. He then went on to build other websites that offered similar solutions, creating a passive income based on something he knew, understood, and could educate others within.

Photo: Melissa Walker Horn/Unsplash

Never put profits before people

Another lesson Flynn learned is that you should never put the bottom line ahead of the client. Putting money ahead of care was always going to lead to business decisions that would hurt him, and you, reputationally. Instead, it is better to work out how well you serve your clientele and why they come to your service in the first place.

Instead of seeing people as moving profit margins, it is better to look at them as individuals who need your expertise and thus require you to help improve their lives for the better.

Time is money, so use your time properly

Flynn also puts across a very important point: rushing to make a quick buck never ends well. It might seem better to fit in two half-assed tasks to simply say you achieved more in the day. It is a poor choice, though, and often leads to subpar results. Instead, it is better to take your time on everything that you do, to do it right, and to put a bit more time, thought, effort, and passion into the experience. A bit of extra analysis and planning can turn something generic into something spectacular.