3 Yoga Poses You Can Do at The Office (Or at Home}

You don't have to lie on your mat for an hour - yoga can also be done sitting on your (desk) chair. These exercises can be done in a minute and a half. They relax your joints and train your muscles. But they also make sure you have more energy at the end of the day. If you repeat the mini-breaks regularly, you will start to feel more vital and less stressed. In any case, you can go on refreshed and with new energy!

Photo: Surface/Unsplash

Exercise for neck and upper back

Intertwine your fingers and place them behind your head. Stretch your elbows back. At the same time, push your head into your hands and your hands against your head. Your head stays straight on the torso and does not move from its place. Hold for ten counts, relax for five counts and repeat the exercise five times. You straighten your neck, activate the upper back, and get the flow of the muscles in the chest and arms going.

Photo: Sweetyoga Justine/Unsplash

Exercise for the shoulders

Sit up straight. Bring your arms behind your back, grasp your hands behind your back, and string your fingers together. Now lift your arms as high as possible off your back while bending forward. Keep the upper body upright as you stay here for five deepening breaths. On an exhalation, let your arms come back down. Pause for two breaths and repeat the exercise two more times. This exercise increases mobility in the shoulder area: especially great if you spend a lot of time at the computer!

Exercise for the flanks

Sit up straight. Place your feet and knees next to each other. Grasp the right seat with your left hand. Inhale, extend your right arm up past your head. Exhaling, bend to the left as if sliding your back along a wall. Stay here for five deepening breaths. On an inhale, come back to the center. Repeat the exercise on the other side. Before you know it you are sitting at your desk bent over, this exercise stretches your flanks, then you will notice that you want to sit up straight.