4 Charitable Fashion Brands To Look Out For

For those who want to look their best without having to compromise their values, there are several fashion brands that support the environment or social causes while stepping out in style. Here are some of the most charitable, environmentally friendly fashion brands around today!

Raven + Lily

Raven + Lily has made a splash in the fashion world with their contemporary designs. Actress Shay Mitchell is just one of the celebrities that have been supporting the brand. The company uses recycled or repurposed materials for its clothing. It is Raven + Lily’s mission to reduce poverty among women around the world.

The Front Row

The Front Row offers eco-friendly clothes that are undyed, unbleached, and safe for the environment. Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover model Ashley Graham is just one of the celebrities who has been seen wearing The Front Row.

Phillip Ayler

Phillip Ayler is another brand that uses recycled fabrics, although they don’t exactly lower their quality standards to do so, as they source fabrics from Chanel and other high fashion brands. The company’s use of repurposed fabrics means two things: each of its designer jackets is eco-friendly, and each one is part of a limited edition. Gigi Hadid and Lily Donaldson are among the many celebrity fans of this brand.


New York’s ace&jig produces some of the most unique designs in the fashion world because of its sourcing, which is based on finding unique textiles to incorporate into its clothing. They’re quite picky about where they get their materials, too. Their India-based supplier provides free childcare for its employees and has also been applauded for growing organic produce for workers using reclaimed water. Actresses Jessica Alba and Katie Holmes have been seen wearing designs from ace&jig.