4 Cool Gift Ideas For Truly Anyone

A good gift is hard to come up with. Luckily for you, we’ve already compiled a small list to get you started!

Photo: Kateryna Hliznitsova/Unsplash

Statement Accessories

A statement accessory can pull together any outfit. A chique leather watch that’s both modern and minimal can fit almost anyone’s style and you can always choose one with a vibrant colored strap. You can also pair it with some unique earrings.

A Hoverboard

A hoverboard doesn’t cost much money, you can get one for around $99. This cool gift is fun to use and it’s a great way to get around the city because it's portable. It’s much easier to roll around on than a skateboard and it ranks higher on the cool factor!

Photo: Fausto Sandoval/Unsplash

Music Subscription

Streaming music is one of the most common activities and almost everyone uses it. If your friend doesn’t need a yearly subscription, a few months would be sufficient. It certainly makes a great gift!

Comfy Hoodies

During a winter day, it’s always nice to throw on a comfy sweater. Not only does it make you feel like you’re wrapped in a warm blanket but it just looks cool even when you’re lounging at home. A plain hoodie is a good gift because almost anyone can wear it and it can fit almost any body type.