4 Facts About the News Industry You Might Have Missed

Speak to two different people and you will likely get two wildly contrasting opinions on the media. The media is a controversial topic at the best of times; some believe it is a weapon against society, and others believe it is the light that shines on injustice. However, whatever your opinion of the news industry, how it operates daily is quite interesting. Here are just some ways the media organizations of the world bring us news topics.

Photo: Roman Kraft/Unsplash

The ‘old ways’ are dying out

Today, just over 1 in 5 American citizens get their news from a newspaper or radio. The vast majority of people get their news today via the internet or television. Given how many of us have TVs at home versus radios, and how many newspaper organizations see more money coming in through their online news portal, this should come as no surprise.

Local news is dying out

Sadly, one side-effect of the above is that many local news organizations are slowly but surely dying out. Local news is becoming less and less common among major papers, and many small, local newsgroups are having to close down due to costs.

The cutbacks in the media industry mean that today many companies cannot afford to run a local news project any longer. The result is more national news, but a loss of local knowledge. 

Photo: Bank Phrom/Unsplash

Some daily papers have existed for close to 200 years

If you are interested in the idea of news longevity, then The New York Post has been running as a daily newspaper since 1836. Even more impressively, it has been running as a paper in some form or another since 1764!

It has maintained that schedule of daily posting ever since, and while you might not agree with its output every time it is a clear sign of a well-run news org.

Media trust ratings are through the floor

Given the way that the internet has taken over as a form of communication, alternative news sources are available with just one click. That being said, just over 1 in 5 US citizens today trust the media to give them authentic, non-bias information. Compare with other nations, such as Finland, where over half of the populace trust their media, it is clear that in many parts of America and beyond that the news industry has become an obstacle as opposed to a resource.