4 Innovative Gadgets for the Elderly

Technology keeps growing and growing. For elderly people, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with all these new gadgets. But especially for this target group, many useful gadgets on the market can help them live independently for as long as possible. In this article, we have highlighted five gadgets that can be very useful for older people.

Digital door spy

Unfortunately, elderly people are relatively often victims of criminals. The newspapers are full of them: with a chatty trick someone, often in (fake) uniform, tries to get into an elderly lady or gentleman's home. Valuables and cash are then stolen. The digital door spy can be a solution to this. Through a camera, the resident can see who is at the door. There are also door spies equipped with a voice-listening connection so that the elderly can ask the reason for a visit before opening the door. This makes it a lot harder for someone with wrong intentions to just come in and makes the resident feel more secure. Also, the door spy with recording function is a handy reference for caregivers of forgetful or demented seniors to check who has visited.

Robotic vacuum cleaner

One of the main reasons why seniors can no longer live independently has to do with housekeeping. For many seniors, this takes a lot of effort. Light tasks such as sweeping a duster through the house are often still manageable, but heavy tasks, such as vacuuming, are a lot more difficult. Fortunately, nowadays there is a solution to this problem: the robot vacuum cleaner. All you have to do is turn it on and it vacuums the entire room. Advanced robot vacuum cleaners can even be programmed with a timer. If you wish, the robot vacuum cleaner will go to work at set times, so vacuuming is never forgotten.

Smart thermostat

A smart thermostat provides automation of heating in the home. The thermostat can adjust the heating according to the occupants' living patterns. It can be set so that the heating is always at the right temperature, this can be done, for example, by a family member or household help. In this way, the resident no longer has to look after the heating himself and it is always at the right temperature.

Obli drinking system

Another common reason why the elderly can no longer live independently is that they are less able to care for themselves. For example, many elderly people drink too little and require caregivers to remind them of this several times a day. Too little fluid can lead to constipation, cystitis, dehydration, and other annoying ailments. One solution to this is the Obli drinking system. This simple system tracks the user's drinking behavior and indicates when to drink again. The data on the drinking behavior can be made visible online, so informal caregivers can also watch. Should the need arise, they can adjust the parent's drinking behavior.