4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Visiting the Swiss Alps

Many parts of our world are, when viewed through our own eyes, impossible to forget. Dreamlike, fairytale-inspiring landscapes, cities, and more. The Swiss Alps definitely fall within this category. These gorgeous mountainous regions are something that could inspire a series of novels. Taking up around 60% of the Swiss landscape, these mega mountains are perfect for visitors, explorers, and those who love geography alike. Why, then, should you come along here?

Photo: Dorothea OLDANI/Unsplash

The landscape diversity is truly unique

One thing that makes the Swiss Alps stand out is how varied it all is. Other popular landmasses can feel like one massive repeat of the same feature; lakes, mountains, etc.

The Alps, though, are a gorgeous and constantly adjusting combination of land, sea, and air. You get to see everyone from flushing, gorgeous meadows to stunning mountains and picturesque little villages where you can stop off for a bite to eat and enjoy some local conversation.

You can see lots of the area at once

By taking the Glacier Express, you can see huge quantities of the Alps without missing out on anything major. This is one of the best ways to experience the Alps. Unlike other geographical landmarks, this means that you do not have to come home worrying that you missed out on something unique and/or spectacular. Instead, you get to see some of the awesome landscape that makes this so popular from a comfortable, fast-moving transit.

Photo: Christian Regg/Unsplash

The food and drink are to die for

One thing that can let down a trip abroad is the food that you get to eat. If you come to the Alps, though, you can enjoy decadence in both food and drink. This means you get to enjoy some truly awesome meals you might not have previously tried. Fill up your belly with awesome food and drink before heading off on tour; you will not regret it!

The wildlife is truly special

Another element of your time here will be the animals that you come across. The Swiss Alps are home to everything from marmots and salamanders to snakes and rabbits. You will come across a diverse and varied range of animals, including exotic animals you do not typically see in European life. Come along and see it for yourself; you will absolutely love spending time with animals you have only previously come across on Google!