4 Surprisingly Affordable Holiday Destinations

Nobody wants to spend a lot of money on their trip. But the last thing that you want is a vacation that ends up disappointing you. Fortunately, there are a lot of very beautiful, exciting vacation destinations that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Here are a few of our favorite affordable destinations!

Photo: Sylwia Bartyzel/Unsplash


Nepal is largely known as a hiking destination. But there’s much more to do than just climbing some of the world’s tallest peaks. Nepal is home to foothills that offer more casual climbers and hikers outstanding and picturesque views. The local boutique hotel and restaurant scene are very vibrant and affordable.

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

If you love aquatic life, you simply have to visit the Great Barrier Reef. Located in the state of Queensland, the reef stretches for a total of 1,800 miles of the eastern coast. Not only will you get some of the very best snorkeling and scuba diving the world has to offer, but you’ll also get to unwind by night in the fun cities of Queensland.

Photo: Jared Rice/Unsplash

The Island of Exuma, The Bahamas

Exuma is the biggest island in the Bahamas. Whether you’re laying on a white sand beach, swimming in the clear waters, or exploring the city of George Town, you’ll never be stuck without something to do. It offers some top-notch scuba diving, memorable Bahaman cities, and unforgettable times you’ll have, that won’t cost you as much as similar destinations around the world.

Dresden, Germany

A beautiful city for years and years, Dresden was unfortunately besieged during World War II and has been struggling to rebuild ever since. However, the city’s residents have largely succeeded and Dresden is just a few years from becoming a bona fide tourist attraction. So before that happens, go and enjoy the incomparable nightlife and amazing cultural destinations. Doing so won’t set you back as much as you might think, and it’ll be quite a deal compared to what prices are likely to be in a few years.