4 Tips For Your Next Thrift Shop Experience

Buying second-hand clothing is not only better for the environment than buying new, but it often also helps to fund charity programs. Here are a couple of things to take into consideration when going thrift shopping to ensure your next experience will be even better!

Photo: Luis Montejo/Unsplash

Shop With Purpose

It's easy to get carried away while thrifting, due to the affordable pricing. Shop with a purpose and try to stick to your goals. Before you head out, go through your closet to see what’s missing, and note what you need!

Stick to a Budget

We know, it’s hard passing up that $5 shirt. When you go shopping without a budget, thrifting can end up producing a lot of clothes that will probably just end up sitting in your closet. If you predetermine a budget to spend, you’ll be more selective about what you purchase.

Photo: billow926/Unsplash

Fit Items

Find a mirror and see how the items look and feel on your body, just like you would at any regular store. This is a way to prevent yourself from making impulse purchases. You can make your life easier by wearing a bodysuit to thrift stores to try things on and take them off with ease.

Empty Your Closet

If you appreciate thrifting for its sustainability, then consider getting rid of unwanted clothing in responsible ways as well. The average American throws away about 81 pounds of clothing every year — much of which ends up in landfills. When you’re done with an article of clothing, think about what options are available to you, instead of throwing it away. There are plenty of options: donate it, take it to a resale shop, or organize a clothing swap with friends!