4 Tips To Master Your Next Phone Interview

Interviewing for a new job can be nerve-wracking. And while typically this interview process is held in person, it has become more common to do interviews over the phone as well. Here are four tips to make sure you ace your next phone interview!

Photo: bruce mars/Unsplash

Rise and Shine

Wake up early so that you are alert for your interview. It also gives you the time to prepare yourself before you begin. It can help to stand up during your phone interview, as it makes the tone of your voice sound stronger. And don’t forget to smile, because even if they can’t see it, they will be able to hear it in your voice!

Eliminate Distractions

You must be focused, even though the person on the other line won’t be able to see you. Be sure to make the call in a quiet place that has little to no distractions. Be sure there is no computer unless you need it for the call. You don’t want to be looking at screens while trying to focus on your call.

Photo: David Travis/Unsplash

Take Notes

Make sure you should have a pen and paper handy during your phone interview. Make sure to write down the name of the person who is interviewing you. This is extremely important when you have several people on the call. Be sure to use their names as much as possible when you are answering questions. You want to make sure that they feel like they are the most important thing at the moment.

Stay Calm

Remain calm if a stressful situation arises during your phone interview, for example, your dog starts to bark or someone knocks on your door. If you need a moment, politely ask for a moment. You could even ask if it's okay to put the call on hold for a second. Apologize again when you return and continue the interview.