4 Top Diving Spots in Australia

Few nations in the world are more naturally equipped and suitable for diving than Australia. The Oceanic nation is famous for its incredible waters and diving locations. With that in mind, where should you focus on? If you want to come and try out the Australian diving scene, you have a great many locations to look into if you really want to see the best places to begin your water-led journeys.

Outer Barrier Reef

A great place to begin would be the Outer Barrier Reef. This provides you with a great diving experience, jumping off from a boat based in an opportune part of the water. Here you will get to enjoy a wildly fun experience as you see many things that you have only ever seen before on a screen. Given the ecology of the area, though, you should always be careful and respectful of anything you come into contact with.

Moreton Island

If you want a proper diving experience where you end up surfing around wrecks, come to Moreton Island. This is a fantastic diving spot in Australia, and it is where the infamous Tangalooma Wrecks took place in 1963. A historical diving spot, this one should provide you with a way to see some of the most intriguing-looking wreckages that you will find waiting for you under the sea in Australia. 


Go to the coast of Queensland and you could take in another fun diving wreck experience. You will take yourself down to visit the SS Yongala, one of the wrecks that were left here in 1911. You will find many charters that take you right to the diving spot you need, making sure you do not have to worry about getting lost or heading into unknown, dangerous parts of the water. Definitely, an easy way to have some fun and see the excitement for yourself.

The Great Barrier Reef

Of course, at 1,500 miles long the Great Barrier Reef isn’t exactly visitable in its entirety. It is an incredible place to come and start diving and surfing in, though. If you want to enjoy heading under the waves, then you will come across some truly mesmerizing imagery as you work your way through the waters of the Great Barrier Reef. A truly epic way to enjoy your day and see things clearer than ever.