40 Roasts From Jimmy Fallon’s #ThatWasCold

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Jimmy Fallon, stand-up comedian and host of The Tonight Show, asked the internet to provide him with some comments. What kind of comments? The shady kind – roasts, if you will. Comments that sound harsh when they are first said, but get funnier and funnier with age. Surprisingly or not, tons of people have received these kinds of roasts and they decided to share by tweeting Fallon at #ThatWasCold.  The best ones were picked up and said on the late-night show! 
Can you think of any funny roasts from your life that you’d like to tweet? Maybe something a college roommate, sibling, or even a parent said long ago – or yesterday. These roasts can walk the line between offensive and funny. Usually the first time around, we feel burned. But as the days pass, we feel a bit cooler and can look back at it and laugh. Here are 34 of those roasts sent to Jimmy Fallon’s #ThatWasCold. Let’s fire them up!