5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Mozambique

the Republic of Mozambique looks like heaven on earth. Located on the shores of Eastern Africa, it borders Zimbabwe, Malawi, and South Africa. The country is rich in natural resources like gold, copper, and iron. Here are a few fun facts you probably didn't know about Mozambique!

Photo: redcharlie/Unsplash

Maputo City

The capital city of Mozambique is called Maputo. The city’s unique landscape includes Middle Eastern architecture, beautiful boulevards, colorful markets, and fascinating museums. It is considered to be one of Africa's most beautiful capitals.

The locals speak Portuguese

The first Portuguese settlers came to Mozambique in 1498 with Vasco De Gama. The country became independent in 1975. A piece of the legacy left by the Portuguese is the language, which is one of the official languages spoken in the country. 

Tribal culture is still alive

The different tribes within Mozambique have their regions and rituals. The local tribe of Makonde, for example, lives in the region of Cabo Delgado and has a beautifully preserved tradition. It includes a multitude of tribal rituals, as well as beauty practices such as body tattoos and sharpened teeth. Another local tribe is Makua, which is located in the Nampula region and has its women painting their faces with a white paste called Muciro. They trade with traditional pottery and weave work.

Photo: Rohan Reddy/Unsplash

They value tourism

Tourism is essential to Mozambique’s economy, and the ministry of tourism does everything in its power to provide visitors with the best experiences possible. The country takes great care of its national parks, and marine sports fans have plenty of activities to choose from thanks to its extensive options for snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, and canoeing.

The islands

Tourists often visit the Mozambique archipelago, which is comprised of four main islands: Santa Carolina, Magaruque, Benguerra, and Bazaruto. The islands pride themselves on the Bazaruto natural reserve. It is one of the biggest natural reserves in the Indian Ocean and features a wide array of rare birds and wildlife you can’t find anywhere else.