5 Ways to Unwind After a Busy Day Working from Home

Home is normally a place to unwind after a long day. But when you work from home it is suddenly different. Since you can't walk out of an office, it can be hard to let go of that focus and energy after a busy day. We share five tips for unwinding after a day of working from home.

Set up a home office

If possible, set up a dedicated home office. Think about what you need to work focus on. Is that a tidy desk or just a cluttered environment? Try to create a setting that feels right. A home office also helps you distance yourself from your work once the workday is over. Is a home office not an option or do you just like to work at the dinner table? Then, as soon as the evening begins, clean up your laptop and notes. This will prevent your eye from falling on unfinished tasks and your brain from shooting back into work mode.

Go outside

Even if you've been working at home all day, you can create a moment when you come in. Once your work is done for the day, seek the outdoors first. Walking does wonders for your spirits, and the fresh air helps to physically distance yourself from your to-do list. As you re-enter your home, you usher in the next phase of the day, so to speak. With the closing of the door, you leave your worries behind. Tomorrow is another day.

Be mindful

Taking a moment to check in with your body lets you feel what you need. Perhaps you notice that tension has built up in your body during the day, or you're still mulling over a meeting that didn't go well. A short breathing or meditation exercise calms you down and helps you connect with yourself. Next, think about what you need to relax. For example, stretching, taking a bath, or simply closing your eyes for a moment may help.

Put on something comfortable

Just as you feel more active in your work suit while working from home, you can relax better in loose clothing. A comfortable outfit is not only nicer on the couch, but the changing moment also symbolizes the next phase of the day.

Give your hands something to do

Being busy with your hands turns off your rational brain and brings your thoughts to the here and now. Play with toys together and be drawn into your little sprout's imaginative world, or bake a loaf of bread and unwind by kneading the dough. Crafts, finger painting, and crocheting also make you forget about the world around you. This is how you mindfully distance yourself from the workday behind you.