6 Budget Friendly Tips for Eating Out

Nothing is more fun than going out for a bite to eat with your partner, family, friends, or relatives. Even if you have to watch your budget and want to save here and there, it is best to eat out. Here's what you can do...

Stick to Water

The most expensive part of eating out is usually wine or other alcoholic drinks. You can choose to have a carafe of tap water with your meal instead of wine. The advantage is that it costs nothing and you can ask if they will refill the carafe again.

Bring your own Wine

If you still prefer that wine, there are restaurants that allow you to bring your bottle. You then only pay for the so-called corkage fee. That's the cost the restaurant incurs for the use of glasses and dishes.

Only a Main Course

Of course, it's nice to have an appetizer before your favorite main meal is served. But if you are quickly satiated and know that a particular dish will be served generously, you can of course choose just a main course. And coffee on top instead of dessert also saves on the final bill.

Lunch instead of Dinner

Just as cozy as dining out in the evening is the lunch date. This often saves quite a bit of money. Especially if you want a starred restaurant experience.

Sharing is Caring

Sharing a dish with someone, whether it's lunch or dinner: it's not such a crazy idea. You just ask for an extra plate. You can easily share that big club sandwich or that tart with two forks.

Look for Deals

Restaurants often come up with promotions that allow you, the guest, to save quite a bit on the price. You can regularly find deals online, with, for example, the second dish for half price or a free drink with your meal.