Ridiculous (and Sadly Real) Travel Complaints From People With Absurd Expectations

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Though most of us would consider it a thrill to be able to travel for quite a long time, some people get bored and complacent about it. Every new place they see is less thrilling than the last because the wonder of the world has become commonplace. Such people develop extremely elevated requirements for what a spot should offer them and for how each encounter with the locals should go. 
When reality fails to fall in line with their demands, these people let loose on social media, sharing their “terrible experience” with the rest of the world. The only problem is, the rest of us see their unreasonable expectations for what they are. So, these social media posts tend to backfire spectacularly, with commenters piling on in support of the poor tour guides, wait staff, customer service representatives, and other folks who dedicate their careers to making others happy. These face-palm-inducing gripes from travelers across the world offer a glimpse into what can happen when people start taking their privileged lives for granted.