Add A Visit To These Museums To You To-Do List Next Time You're In Stockholm

One of Northern Europe's most popular tourist destinations is the city of Stockholm. As the capital of Sweden, it can come as no surprise that it has lots of culture and history to explore. So if you’re planning your next vacation there, we'd recommend you add these museums to your list of places to visit!

Photo: Andrew Neel/Unsplash

Vasa Museum

This museum is the most visited in Scandinavia. One of their main attractions is the 17th-century warship they have on display. After more than three hundred years of being underwater, it is the best preserved of its kind. Other pieces on display will transport you to when the ship was in use and what life aboard was like.

Photo: Julius Jansson/Unsplash

Skansen museum

Skansen has made a name for itself as the only open-air museum in the world. This museum takes you back to life in old-time Stockholm as 18th-century farmers and gentry through ancient farmsteads and homes. Skansen also has a lovely zoo where you can visit seals, lynxes, wolverines, and more.

Royal Palace

Other than housing the Swedish Royal Family, the Stockholm Royal Palace is also the home of no less than five museums. This impressive building has more than 600 rooms, and the museums offer their visitors a look into the lives of the kings and queens of Sweden. You will see historical carriages and costumes, and be sure to stick around for the ceremony of the daily guard change.