Dog Crossbreeds Are Totally Adorable, as Expected

By Steven Buchko
Instagram / @mr_lyo_the_chowba

It's crazy, but some people spend a fortune on purebreds. Have they never hear of crossbreeds? Combining the very best of both worlds, these mixes are anything but mutts. Check out the latest and greatest from the world of dogs, and get ready for awws!

Chowba (Chow Chow + Shiba Inu)

With a light-colored, fluffy coat and an unusually black tongue, this dog is hard to miss at the park. A striking mix, the Chowba is actually a combination of the Chow Chow and the Shiba Inu. Some like to say that this breed looks like a wild wolf. Are they so wrong?

Merging two of the oldest breeds in the world with traceable wolf roots, it does look a bit like great-great-great-grandpa. Plus, the Chowba is stubborn and difficult to train! Described as an independent and aloof dog, it's not usually recommended for first-time owners!

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