Twilight Zone: The Wackiest Photos Ever Taken At Airports

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Most travelers probably see airports as some of the blandest public spaces out there, a mere stop on the way to the real destination. But frequent fliers know the truth! Bad body odor, bomb threats, and barefoot 3 am naps are just the tip of the iceberg. A lot more regularly occurs in these weird and wonderful spaces!

Positively Shawshank

There’s nothing that says love like a well-planned, hand-crafted welcome home sign. But this bright red message just might be a little TMI for the recipient, right out in public view. Fellow travelers agreed: Yikes!

After a trip to Rotterdam, this dad decided to get his kids involved in one hilarious prank aimed to embarrass their mother. And it's likely that it worked. Unless mom shares their dark humor, she's going to be pretty irate when she arrives with jetlag and plane hair. Maybe the family got a few reaction shots to remember the magic!

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