Andrew Yang Pushes For ‘Tiny Slice’ of Major Company Shares

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For many people, the US Presidential race is about to kick off in a big way. As we enter the last year of the Trump administration, we are about to enter yet another long-winded political soap opera. 


One example of a new face who has risen up in the post-Trump wasteland of US politics, though, is that of Andrew Yang.

Seen as one of the outsiders to secure a nomination to stand for POTUS, Yang has been pushing himself out there with increasingly interesting (if somewhat outlandish) suggestions.

Trickle-Up Economy

One of his most recent suggestions came at the end of 2019. He suggested that a “trickle up” economy was the best way to move forward. 

As opposed to the “trickle down” economics that gave us such hits as mass displacement, poverty, and inequality, “trickle up” economics is, to Yang, the ideal alternative. 


His aim is simple: give the average US citizen the ability to utilise a “tiny portion” of profits from major companies like Amazon, Google, and other major names.

A former lawyer, Yang knows a fair bit about what he’s talking about when it comes to economics. He was speaking about how the fact that major firms like Amazon, who pay zilch in federal tax, should be putting their money into the hands of their customers. 

He believed that companies could redirect some of their huge profit margins to give to local economic needs and even everyday people.

Speaking about his idea, Yang said: "If we put a mechanism in place where we get our fair share, a tiny of slice of every Amazon sale, every Google search, every Facebook ad, and eventually every robot truck mile and AI work unit, we can generate hundreds of billions of dollars off the bat."

Speaking to CNN, he continued: "And that number has a big 'up arrow' attached to it and then when we put this money into Americans' hands where does the money go? It goes right back into the local economy to car repairs and little league sign-ups and daycare expenses—this is a trickle-up economy,"

What IS The Real Goal?

Instead of simply looking to create more jobs and opportunities, Yang intends to go further. 

Indeed, he stated at a local CNN Town Hall meeting in April 2019 that "We have to instead think about how we can make Americans prosperous through this time. The goal should not be to save jobs. The goal should be to make our lives better."

While many see Yang as a bit of an outlier, his media profile is probably nowhere near strong enough. He’s struggled to stand out in the races and has had to increasingly go for more creative ideas like his new economic policy to stand out. 

For many, though, at least Yang brings something a little different to the conversation.

Sure, the chances of him even getting close to a nomination are next to zilch. However, he’s definitely added fresh ideas and impetus to a debate that, to many, felt dead and sterile. Whatever happens, at least Yang has introduced some new debate points regarding economics in the USA.