The Essence Of Night Terrors: Over 40 Beds Exuding Ominous Vibes

Bedrooms are designed to provide a haven for rest and rejuvenation. It's the place where you recharge after a demanding day, so it's only natural that they should evoke a sense of serenity and tranquility. However, the bedrooms on this list have clearly missed the mark! Each bed featured here is either frightening or exudes an unsettling ambiance. It's puzzling why anyone would desire their sanctuary to appear so menacing, but it seems some do! These beds seem more suited for a spine-chilling haunted house or a horror film rather than a cozy family home. Browse through our list and let us know which bed possesses the most sinister aura. Brace yourself for an array of eerie contenders!


Infants devote a significant portion of their day to slumber, making it crucial for them to have a cozy and comfortable bed. It seems that someone needs to inform this particular parent – observe the fear in the baby's eyes as they rest in the boat!

Rather than placing the little one in a soothing, serene boat, the infant has been placed in a craft being devoured by a shark! It's no surprise the baby is in tears – we would be equally distressed if we found ourselves in such a predicament!

Immortal Doze

The Twilight books and movies have undoubtedly fueled the fascination with vampires. However, it seems this individual's fixation has crossed a boundary. They've transformed their bed into a coffin!

It's difficult to envision this bed being especially cozy, given its hardwood construction. If you're curious, this coffin bed is featured in a Dracula-themed AirBnB location. It's certainly eerie, but that's the intention!

Medical Facility Resting Place

Hospital beds can evoke an unsettling feeling, possibly due to their stark, colorless appearance. This individual chose to embrace the eerie vibe by incorporating a genuine hospital bed into their home!

The drapes encircling the bed create an atmosphere reminiscent of a psychiatric ward. Additionally, the excessive use of sheepskin is perplexing. It appears as though a sheep met its demise, scattering its fleece throughout the bedroom floor!


The creator of this bed certainly had an imaginative concept. Crafting a dinosaur-themed bed for a child is an exciting idea! Unfortunately, the execution falls short. The resulting T-Rex bed appears distorted and frightening!

Additionally, the bed doesn't seem particularly cozy. Having those protruding teeth near your feet could create an unsettling sensation. Still, credit goes to the parents for attempting to design something distinctive.

Father Christmas

The most unappealing aspect of this bed is its dreadful and tasteless appearance. It's puzzling why anyone would opt for such a ghastly shade of blue, or why they'd desire a sinister-looking Santa perched beside it.

There is a slight rationale to it – considering He sees you when you're sleeping! However, the fact that Santa Claus isn't the eeriest element of this bedroom speaks volumes about the appalling nature of the color scheme.

Stony Resting Place

This image features an overwhelming array of elements, making it difficult to determine a starting point. Among the peculiar features are walls constructed from actual rocks, an odd green color scheme, and a doorway leading to yet another enigmatic space.

Let's not delve into the chosen patterns for the bedspread. What are those baffling designs?! The individual responsible for this room's layout should genuinely reconsider their approach to interior design. It's undeniably dreadful!

Eerie Metallic Sheen

Aluminum foil serves as a fantastic cooking aid, helping to maintain food warmth and being reasonably priced. However, the idea of using it as a bedspread, as demonstrated by this individual, is far from appealing!

Truly, who could have imagined that enveloping their bed, walls, and side table in aluminum foil was an inspired idea? To us, it appears to be quite an ill-conceived decision, given the excessive noise and sheer discomfort it would cause!

Serpent On The Sleeping Quarters

Many individuals enjoy sharing their beds with pets such as cats and dogs, finding their presence comforting during the night. However, the idea of someone resting with a snake in their bed is truly an unheard-of and unconventional arrangement!

It seems likely that sharing a bed with such a creature would induce nightmares rather than sweet slumbers! Let's hope that this is merely a toy snake and not an actual one. The mere thought of it is spine-chilling!

Regal Sleeping Quarters

The idea of a bed worthy of royalty might seem like an ideal fantasy. Yet, this particular bed seems to fall short of that dream. In fact, it appears excessively regal, diminishing its overall appeal!

The bed's traditional design and the overall room aesthetic emit strong medieval undertones, albeit not in a favorable manner. It creates an atmosphere where one might imagine facing a beheading. Certainly not an enjoyable experience!

Person Snare

The majority of us know how a mousetrap works: you place food inside the trap, the mouse consumes it, and subsequently finds itself trapped beneath the contraption. Interestingly, a "human trap" appears to function in a somewhat similar fashion!

Rather than using food as bait, a "human trap" entices people with the prospect of resting on a cozy bed. However, it's uncertain if anyone would dare to sleep in such a precarious setting. The supporting branch could give way at any moment!

Cavern of Bats

For enthusiasts of Batman or bats themselves, this bed may hold appeal, as the headboard features a carving shaped like the beloved winged creature. Nonetheless, for the rest of us, it simply comes across as unnerving.

Indeed, who would desire to rest in a bed that evokes thoughts of these bloodthirsty beings? On a positive note, the lighting surrounding the bed in this image is quite pleasant, so with some modifications, the room could be improved.

Automobile Sleeping Quarters

Most of us are acquainted with the idea of a race-car bed, particularly those with children. However, it's unlikely that anyone has encountered a car bed as unique as this one. It features a repurposed vintage Chevrolet converted into a sleeping space!

It's hard to fathom why someone would undertake such a project, except perhaps if they were an ardent Chevy enthusiast. Regardless, transforming a bed into the form of a car is quite an odd choice! One can only hope that it's more comfortable than it appears.

Iridescent Sleeping Quarters

The idea of resting on a bed of pearls might seem like a luxurious fantasy. However, the prospect of sleeping within an oyster isn't nearly as alluring! Numerous aspects of this oyster-inspired bed design appear quite off-putting.

Firstly, the pristine white color poses a challenge in maintaining its cleanliness over time. Additionally, the presence of a hinge at the back raises concerns; what if it were to collapse onto you while you slumbered?

Heavenly Resting Place

This is yet another example of a bed that seems appealing in concept but is utterly unsettling in practice. Picture yourself resting on a bed adorned with angels and cherubs. A glimpse at the image below might make you reconsider that thought!

The positioning of the angels at the foot of the bed adds an eerie touch. They likely appear even more unsettling in the dark, and maneuvering around them during nighttime hours would undoubtedly be challenging.

Ursine Slumber Zone

Although this bed is likely intended for youngsters, it doesn't make it any less disconcerting! Take note of the bear's facial expression and the prominent use of pink throughout the room. The overall appearance is rather unnerving, and it leaves us feeling uneasy.

While the design is intended to convey innocence, it's difficult to envision any child enjoying a peaceful night's rest snuggled in this bear bed. The chosen shade of pink lends the bear an uncanny resemblance to a nurse in a hospital setting!

Levitating Sleeping Quarters

Upon initial observation, this bed seems rather intriguing, seemingly hovering just above the floor. However, the mystery of its levitation raises questions. One can imagine that in dim or dark conditions, the bed would take on a rather eerie appearance.

It's possible that mirrors or a similar technique are employed to create the illusion of the bed floating. Alternatively, it could be a monstrous creature beneath the bed providing support. We genuinely hope it's the former explanation!

Luxurious Velvety Oasis

Velvet can be a beautiful fabric choice for a bedroom, but only when applied in moderation. It appears that the individual responsible for this room has gone overboard with velvet, transforming the space into something more reminiscent of a nightmare.

This bedroom seems as though it was plucked right from the 1970s, given its excessive use of velvet. Unfortunately, the choice of velvet colors does not complement the room either. The jarring combination of faded yellow and pink hues only adds to the unpleasant aesthetic.

Crib Slumber Space

As this example demonstrates, frightening bed designs are not exclusive to adult beds. Intended for an infant, this bed appears more menacing than serene. Consider the peculiar upturned legs – one has to wonder what the designer had in mind!

And let's not overlook the choice of blue used in this design. It's quite unappealing! Subjecting a child to a bed like this seems rather unfair, as it evokes feelings of unease even for us as adults.

Pyramidal Resting Place

The notion of slumbering outdoors amidst nature might appear serene and soothing. However, the actual experience often differs, as numerous insects and other elements can create unease. Yet, even these discomforts seem trivial compared to what we're about to describe!

In a tent, you benefit from privacy, not having to worry about being seen while you sleep. This glass pyramid, on the other hand, seems more like a form of punishment than a tranquil retreat. We certainly wouldn't recommend this unique sleeping arrangement unless you possess an extraordinary level of courage.

Avian Haven

What is the fascination with selecting beds resembling animals for sleeping? This particular example may be the most unsettling of them all, primarily due to its unattractive appearance. Just take a look at that bird's face!

While an effort has been made to create a cohesive theme for the room, incorporating bird nest decorations and claw-like structures beneath the bed, it doesn't make the space any less eerie. You certainly won't find us spending the night in such a room!

Arboreal Slumber Spot

The concept of this bed seems appealing initially, but the actual execution tells a different tale. The idea of spending a night nestled among the trees is alluring; however, this particular design may not be the ideal place to stay...

Imagine waking up to find spiderwebs or even snakes on your face – quite an unpleasant thought! Additionally, there's a possibility of various small creatures finding their way into your "bedroom." We would have to pass on this option.

Enclosed Sleeping Chamber

Up until now, many of the beds we've seen have been unsettling due to their excessive designs. However, this particular bed is the complete opposite. Its eeriness stems from its sheer simplicity – it's quite literally just a box!

We can only assume that rolling over and hitting the sides would be rather painful! This setup seems more like an extreme punishment than a place to rest comfortably. It's hard to imagine anyone enjoying a peaceful night's sleep in such a dreadful bed!

Solid Rock Slumber

Rewrite: Most beds are crafted from wood or metal, which are fairly standard materials. However, a bed constructed from stones and rocks? That's undoubtedly unusual, yet it seems someone has actually gone ahead and created one!

Not only must this bed be incredibly uncomfortable to sleep in, but it also presents a host of other issues. For instance, how is one supposed to lift it for vacuuming underneath? It's far too heavy!

Clamshell Bed

We've already come across an oyster-shaped bed before, but this one surely wins the title for the most unattractive oyster design. Sporting a dreadful shade of blue and dangerously sharp edges, it's far from appealing!

It's easy to imagine those sharp edges causing quite a bit of pain to your legs and hands during the night! They may have been aiming for a Little Mermaid vibe, but it ended up resembling something out of Saw.

Spiked Bed

Most of the beds on this list may not have been designed to cause discomfort, but this one clearly is an exception. It begs the question – why would anyone choose to sleep in such a bed?

There's no logical reason for someone to desire sleeping with an abundance of barbed wire positioned above their bed. A sudden, hasty movement could easily result in a severe injury to the head! This setup is simply bizarre.

Undulating Bed

These beds seem to be a blast from the past, hailing from the early 2000s! If you're not aware or don't recall, this wooden "wavy" design was all the rage during that time. Talk about a fascinating trip down memory lane!

Unfortunately, these beds aren't quite in vogue anymore. If you have one of these designs in your bedroom, it could make the whole space feel rather outdated. Just take a look at that candle-shaped chair as an example!

Retro Bed

Let's take a trip down memory lane to an era even further back – the 80s! For those who didn't experience it, this decade was known for its unique patterns and quirky styles. This bedroom captures the essence of that time flawlessly!

Rewrite While this style might be tolerable in a bedroom, it's hard to imagine an entire house adorned this way. Even for a bedroom, it doesn't quite hit the mark! We sincerely hope that no one has a room resembling this one.

Prey-Chasing Bed

Many individuals enjoy a rustic, woodland-inspired bedroom design, as it can create a warm and inviting atmosphere. We agree! However, we cannot endorse a bedroom that resembles the one showcased below, as it appears utterly unappealing.

 It's hard to fathom why anyone would desire a bedroom with this appearance. It seems to have been lifted straight from a fairy tale – although not a pleasant one! Those gnarled branches could easily be part of an evil queen's lair.

Car-Themed Bed

We believed that a single Chevrolet bed would suffice, but it appears that they are quite popular since we've stumbled upon yet another one! This time, the creator has added rear lights to give it an extra touch of uniqueness. It's rather peculiar!

We imagine that the lights would be quite bothersome when trying to sleep at night. The creator even added wheels to the bed, enhancing its realism. It's certainly an unusual choice!

Facial Bed

This bed is unsettling on multiple levels. Not only are the sheets extremely wrinkled, but there are also bizarre wooden faces adorning it! These faces might be some form of cultural artwork, but they still appear rather eerie.

Regardless of their origin, these faces are undeniably creepy! Anyone who sleeps in this room should seriously consider redecorating and ironing their bedsheets. It's disheartening to see them appear so disheveled. Time to spruce things up!

Aquatic Bed

Water beds were all the rage in the 1990s, but this one looks like a whole different beast. It's hard to tell if this is a water bed or some kind of weird fish tank! Either way, it looks like a nightmare to clean and maintain.

This person seems to have confused the concept of a water bed with a swimming pool. Instead of having the water contained within the bed frame, they have placed it next to the bed. Not only is this completely nonsensical, but it also poses a serious safety hazard. Imagine accidentally falling into that cold pool of water in the middle of the night!

Compact Bed

 It's hard to tell whether this bed is really as tiny as it appears or if the camera angles are playing tricks on us. Either way, it looks quite comical and we can't help but wonder who it was designed for.

The bed in question appears quite comical, and it is difficult to say whether it is genuinely small or just an optical illusion. One thing is for sure, though - it has some oversized curtain rails that seem completely unnecessary. Maybe they were intended for someone of great importance, but it's still an odd sight.

Spaceship Bed

This bed gives off a strong 1970s sci-fi vibe, with its large pillars and strange design. It's difficult to imagine how someone could comfortably get in and out of bed without bumping into those massive columns.

It's difficult to understand why anyone would subject themselves to such a bedroom. Perhaps they enjoy the challenge of navigating through the pillars, but it is certainly an unconventional choice of decor. We do not recommend building something like this!

Shrek Bed

The creator of this bed may have had good intentions when designing it, but we can't help but notice how much the headboard resembles the character Shrek from the animated movie. The curved lamps also add an awkward touch to the overall design.

While the intention behind designing this bed was probably good, the headboard design does give off a Shrek-like vibe. The curved lamps may look a little strange, but they could be useful for bedtime reading and may brighten up the rest of the room. Despite the Shrek headboard, the bed itself could be a peaceful place to relax.

Meadow Bed

If you are considering having an outdoor sleeping experience in your garden, this bed is definitely not a good choice. It looks uninviting and unsanitary with its grassy design, which is likely to attract an abundance of insects and other critters.

This bed made of grass is not the most practical idea if you plan on spending time in the garden. Not only does it look unappealing, but it is also likely to attract unwanted bugs. Additionally, sleeping on a bed made of grass does not seem very comfortable, with blades of grass causing irritation to your skin.

Bed Slip And Slide

This bed appears to be either designed for feline friends or for individuals with a strong affinity for acrobatics. The method of entering this peculiar contraption is an enigma, and the level of difficulty appears to be too daunting to even attempt!

It's possible that this bed was intended for a performer joining a circus, or maybe even for a young child. Regardless of its intended user, this bed is certainly a fascinating conversation piece at any gathering. Its uniquely bizarre design is sure to turn heads!

Bed With Three layers

We've all experienced the frustration of sleeping on a lumpy mattress, where no matter how much you toss and turn, it's impossible to get comfortable. Well, one creative solution to this problem was adopted by a user who decided to purchase not just one, but three mattresses!

To be frank, this approach appears to be a considerable waste of money and not something that we would recommend pursuing. If you happen to have some spare mattresses lying around, then sure, give it a try. However, it would be wise to save your hard-earned money for more practical investments instead.

Bed At A Low Height

Beds of various kinds are popular in different regions of the world, ranging from hammocks to four-poster beds. However, we're not entirely certain how to categorize this particular one. Perhaps a low-hanging bed? Whatever it may be called, one thing is for sure - its appearance is undeniably peculiar!

Firstly, the bed appears to be very close to the ground and appears too small to accommodate a standard, cozy mattress. Additionally, there are some peculiar-looking posts surrounding it. Who authorized the creation of such hideous structures?!

Suspended Bed

We've previously encountered beds that appear to be floating above the ground, but this one takes it to the next level. It is, in fact, suspended from the ceiling using lengthy ropes! We're eager to uncover the rationale behind this unusual design.

This bed is not suitable for individuals prone to vertigo or motion sickness. Moreover, we would be concerned about the ropes giving way and breaking in the middle of the night. Such a scenario would result in a painful collision with the ground!

Bed With A Pointed Design

This bed poses a significant safety risk, as its surface is covered in numerous sharp and pointed objects. One wrong move could result in a potentially hazardous injury, such as accidentally falling onto one of these pieces and causing harm to yourself, even possibly losing an eye.

The furnishings in this bedroom appear to lack any coherent theme, with a jarring mismatch between the ceiling fan and the dressers. It seems as though the designer could benefit from some tips on proper interior design and creating a harmonious look.

Hanging Net Bed

Imagine the perfect fusion of two beloved items - a hammock and a trampoline. For those who are fans of either, or both, this bed will feel like a delightful reverie rather than a nightmare, unlike some of the other peculiar designs we've encountered.

While not widely seen in every region of the world, loft beds are an ideal way to create additional living space in your home. Nonetheless, it's critical to exercise caution and ensure proper installation, as failure to do so could result in an accident and turn into a complete disaster.