Boost for Boeing as Confidence Rises in 737 Max

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Boeing 737 Max planes remain grounded after 2 crashes involving the aircraft.


While Boeing’s 737 Max remains grounded, assessors are currently deciding whether or not to clear it to fly. Their decision rests on how well they believe that changes made by Boeing have addressed any potential safety concerns.

Despite this, the company received a small boost in fortunes courtesy of the Kazakhstan airline Air Astana. The company recently launched its budget airline, FlyArystan, and, speaking at the Dubai Air Show, the company indicated that it would like to buy 30 Boeing 737 Max planes for its fleet.

At present, there is no firm order but Air Astana has signed a letter of intent.

Ready for Takeoff

There is also some speculation that up and coming airshows may be used as a platform for Boeing and other companies to make announcements regarding the future of the 737 Max. 


Indeed, Sun Express, the Turkish airline has said that it is intending to buy 10 of the aircraft. Additionally, IAG, the parent company of British Airways provided another boost to Boeing when it said that it would be looking to buy the 737 Max, however, there is no firm order in the pipeline as yet.

In early 2019, orders for the Boeing 737 dried up and the US manufacturer is now pushing to get the software fixes it has applied approved by regulators. Failures of the software in the flight-control system were directly linked to the crashes that caused 346 deaths.

Stan Deal, Boeing's new head of commercial aircraft said that, while progress is being made, there is no concrete date when we can expect to see the 737 return to active service.

The current situation with the 737 Max has cost Boeing many billions of dollars, the affected airlines are still seeking compensation and Mr Deal said he will be discussing this with executives at a forthcoming air show.