Boston Opens First Marijuana Store

With the 2020 Coronavirus outbreak hitting the USA harder than expected, people are beginning to get rightly worried. Those who live in Boston might be preparing for a period of self-isolation and social distancing.


This means getting everything prepared well ahead of time – and this means including plenty of recreational activities for people to enjoy while the hard times ahead become apparent. A fine example of this, then, comes from the fact that Boston is about to open its first-ever marijuana shop.

The shop, known as Pure Oasis, is expected to be very busy at first. Even with the virus hitting, there are expectations for as many as 1,000 customers per day. 

Given that many people will be in buying a fair amount of stock for the weeks and months ahead, it’s easy to see why there is anticipation that this store is going to be very busy indeed.

This will be the first-ever recreational marijuana shop in the major East Coast city area and is expected to be one of the busiest places in town. Run by Kevin Hart and Kobie Evans, they expect crowds of 1k per day – if not more. 

Making History: Black Running Green

This will be the first weed shop to be owned and operated by black entrepreneurs, too, so it’s a very cool moment for the entire industry as a whole. It’s also a major step forward in an industry that has been fraught with issues and trouble over the years.


Speaking to the Associated Press about the release, Hart said: “It’s bittersweet. It’s a great feeling to be first, but we know that also comes with a level of responsibility. It’s our responsibility to take this win we got today and make sure people of color realize they have the same opportunities.”

The shop will have a large waiting area and should have around 30 members of staff ready to help out when the doors first open. 

It’s going to be a confusing period of time for the first store, we would imagine, especially given the public health situation that now appears to be facing the business and others like them.

However, Mayor Marty Walsh did say that police presence would be needed and that it would be there to keep things nice and orderly. They also intend to try and stop people from consuming cannabis in public, which is still illegal at the time of writing. 

So, if you intend to go to this store, make sure you are patient, pleasant, and that you don’t feel the need to ‘try your product’ before you can get home from the store.

The store, which closes at 7PM each day, is expected to be very busy. So, if you are aiming at buying a collection so you have enough stock to stand strong amid the outbreak, be sure to make time to go before closing time. Just do not expect things to be quiet – this will be very busy indeed!