Celebrities Who Now Look Scarily Similar To Their Kids

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Diamonds and designer dresses are all well and good, but let's face it: The ultimate red carpet accessory is a matching child — a lookalike, a mini-me! These days, the phenomenon is becoming more and more common. Fans can't help but notice the resemblance, more often than not!

Brad Pitt & Shiloh Jolie Pitt

Little Shiloh is part of a big, beautiful family. Everyone seems to have a unique look, with Angelina's adoptions from around the world. But that swept back blonde hair looks pretty 1990's familiar, and some see a bit of Brad going on!

Divorced and now actively involved with their own production gigs, mom and dad are always up to something interesting. Maybe one day Shiloh will star in films, too! Only time will tell, but Jolie-Pitt is a name that will be hard to miss on the billing. Or anywhere, ever!

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