Celebrity Generation: Who's The Real Star? 🤩

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The next generation of celebrities might just out-do their famous parents. Keep an eye out on the stars of tomorrow, today! How many do you already know?

Kelsey Grammer & Spencer Grammer

It really seems like quite the life to be a Hollywood star's child. Spencer too went to work with her father Kelsey Grammer and made her debut on Cheers as a toddler. If that's the first line on your resume' how bad can your life turn out to be?

Well, she's still elbowing her way but has a huge fan base while playing Summer in the geeky and quirky Rick & Morty cartoon series, and was part of the "Greek" main cast. Other than that she's made endless guest appearances and was supposed to co-star a series with Blair Underwood, but it was canceled after three episodes. Ouch!

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