Chinese Robots Could Play Role In Saving Medical Lives Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

With the COVID-19 outbreak is now over the two million mark worldwide, there are many companies working overtime to find ethical and safe solutions to keep people safe and alive in these scary times. One such example of this has come from China, where a group of experts has devised a range of solutions to help save the lives of medical staff who are at the forefront of the outbreak.

Depressingly, there is a clear trend in medical workers being overloaded and killed by the virus worldwide. That’s why the development of robots in China that can perform ultrasound tests, take mouth swabs, and even listen to the sounds of our organs, could be vital in reducing contact for medical staff on the front lines.

The robot was put together by a team of Beijing engineering experts. Remotely controlled by a doctor via laptop in another room – or even another city – these could be used to help make sure that workers aren’t so commonly exposed to infected patients. This would allow for a much quicker and safer level of diagnosis, as the robot can simply do more than a human could handle in terms of virus management.

Not having to worry about the robot becoming infected, these AI machines can then work to the needs of the doctor and keep everyone healthy. This is going to be absolutely vital for the progress of medical care and protection for those who need it most.

With two robot units already made, the hope is that this can be quickly commercialized and put out there. Given China looks to have taken control of the situation and is slowly but surely winning the war against COVID-19, anything they can offer to help the rest of the world fight back can be very useful indeed.

China has gone from being the worst-impacted nation to one which is leading the global example of how to fight COVID-19 and win. That’s why the development of new techniques, such as AI robotics, could be the next stage in the solutions we need. Technology like this could be the solution that is needed to stop workers and health professionals from being put at needless risk throughout their experience.

That’s why China could be an example that the rest of the world can follow. From their rapid-built hospitals to their amazing development of AIs that allow for remote doctoring, solutions are being built that could – in time – be the problem solver that we need to bring an end to this nightmare situation.