Could a Slime Robot Assist in Saving People and Lives?

Today, technological evolution allows us to do things that we simply would never have dreamt of even a few short decades ago. In the lifespan of one person, our entire society can transform – and with good reason. Technology plays a massive role in our development as a species, and we tend to find exciting new ways to change our world for the better. One example of this comes in the form of a ‘slime robot’ that is being developed.

Scientists have managed to build a slime robot that can move through tiny spaces and even fix broken circuitry. The kind of circuitry that even the most adept, nimble of human hands could reach. They could be used for various factors, but some believe they could even be used to help retrieve things from inside humans.

These tiny robots contain the elastic freedom of some robots, whilst also being fluid-based meaning that they can move through gaps and spaces that should not be possible. Some believe that they could be used for retrieving everything from swallowed objects to things that could be blocking our ability to breathe and similar.

The process, which was first started by Professor Li Zhang of the University of Hong Kong, is created using a blend of neodymium magnet particles paired with borax and polyvinyl alcohol. This is a ‘controllable slime’ that can be manipulated and adjusted as needed. It can even adapt to new shapes depending on the task.

This is a truly incredible little innovation, and it could be vital for helping everything from repair jobs to saving people’s lives. It is a highly unique development and is yet another example of how technical innovation helps us to find ways to transform our society – not always for the better. In this case, though, it is a change that can take place for the better.