Curious Images Snapped by Google Street View

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When Google Maps introduced Google Street view it opened up a world of new experiences.  Now we can check out all the places we want to without leaving our own homes.  One of the side effects of this amazing new technology is that it opens up the chances of being caught on camera doing unusual things.

Now we have Google Street View we all have to be super careful about what we do because we never know when we could get caught on camera and find ourselves on the internet.  Some of the things caught on camera have been funny, embarrassing or downright confusion.  Here are the best ones we’ve seen so far:

Suburban Samurais

We’re not sure what the hell is going on here. It looks like a fight between a gladiator and a Samurai – or at least the guys are dressed that way.

The backdrop is obviously a city suburb yet they are certainly kitted out with swords and shields.  We doubt they thought they would be caught doing...well, whatever this actually is!