Delta Forced into $50k Fine for Discrimination

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Today, the world can seem like a litigious place. Many lawsuits are put against people for all manner of reasons, often frivolous. One very much justified issue, though, has been that of the Delta Air Lines case with a trio of Muslim passengers. 


The U.S. Department of Transportation has slapped the airline with a whopping $50,000 fine after they were alleged to have discriminated against a customer.

Different Case - Same Discrimination

A trio of Muslim passengers was suggested to have been discriminated against across two separate incidents in 2016. One was a flip from Paris to Ohio, and the other was from Amsterdam to New York City. 


While Delta disagrees that it engaged in discriminatory conduct, the company said: 

"While Delta does not dispute that each of these two incidents could have been handled differently, Delta asserts that this fact does not necessarily lead to the conclusion that Delta acted improperly,"

In a statement released to CNN, they said: 

"While we understand that our best customer service was not reflected in how the incident was handled, we disagree with the Department of Transportation's contention that Delta engaged in discriminatory conduct," said Delta spokeswoman Emma Kate Protis. 

"For that reason, we have worked to improve our investigative process since these incidents and we have supporting programs, policies, training and procedures that back up our commitments in this area."

The incident that took place in Paris was supposed to involve a married couple of who were both US citizens. The Amsterdam flight, though, involved a passenger receiving a “small package” from a “person of similar ethnicity” near the gate area. 

Delta contested this, though, saying that both passengers switched seats mid-flight and were behaving nervously. To conclude the order, Delta said: "In short, in both cases, Delta maintains that it acted on observations of behavior, rather than identity,"