Disabled People Can Ride in the Wild Thanks to This New Mountain Bike

Christian Bagg is an extreme sports enthusiast. But his enthusiasm was put at risk when his spine was damaged in a snowboarding accident. The injury changed his life forever. But when he realized he couldn’t be as adventurous as he once was, he didn’t let it bring him down. Instead, he came up with a new way to enjoy nature and physical activity and built the Bowhead Reach bike.

Photo: Cole Bernier/ Bowhead

Built for everything

Specifically suited for disabled people, the Bowhead Reach bike is built with a slightly different distribution of wheels and tires: a main one in the back, and a couple of heavy-tread ones in the front. It also has a powerful electric motor that can endure long rides and any kind of terrain. That was Bagg’s exact vision — disabled people being able to move around and see the world even if their legs can’t carry them through it.

Photo: Bowhead


The Bowhead Reach bike has three different models and can already be purchased by disabled thrill-seekers. One of those people is J.P. Middleton, who was injured in a skiing accident in 2018. When he heard of Bagg’s bike, he felt hopeful again. Another man who enjoys a Bowhead Reach is Janne Kouri, who tested the bike’s abilities over a cross-country road trip stretching across 2,900 miles. After he became paralyzed, he never thought he will be able to have such an experience, but Bagg was more than happy to prove him wrong.