35 DIY Home Projects That Went Horribly Wrong

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Nothing beats that surge of fulfillment when we endeavor to fix something around the house, and we do the job well. There are numerous reasons why people take this route rather than bringing in professionals. However, the results aren’t always as wonderful as we imagine when we commence the task. There often comes a point when the valiant DIY-er realizes they’ve taken on far too much. Though this is unfortunate for them, it offers hours of entertainment to people on the internet who get to giggle at their DIY disasters. 
This article is filled with evidence of what happens when people refuse to admit defeat and instead persevere beyond the point of reason with their disastrous DIY projects. While some are absolutely amusing, others are risky and should have been dealt with by experts from the start. These projects go beyond simple things like changing a light bulb or painting a room into truly terrifying territory.