Do You Work too Hard? Here's How to be Less Strict With Yourself

Do you find it difficult to let go of work and are you mainly concerned about the mistakes you make? Here's how to become less hard on yourself.

Are you often described at work as an overachiever and/or someone who really cares? Chances are that you often work a little too hard and are also sometimes rather hard on yourself. Sometimes these employees are seen as sensitive, diligent employees. You are a perfectionist and like to keep everyone in the workplace happy. When this is the case, you too are happy, but this feeling is often short-lived. Before you know it, a new assignment is on your doorstep and your stress level is already rising to the ceiling. How can you be less hard on yourself?

What You Can Do

What can help you become less hard on yourself is to look at the big picture. Maybe you forgot to send an e-mail once or your joke didn't go down well with colleagues, but look at the big picture. What does your development look like over the last few months/years? Probably only then does a sense of pride prevail. What can also help is to redefine the word victory. A victory does not always have to mean, for example, bringing in new customers or increasing sales. A victory can also mean that you have let go of a particular task to give yourself more peace of mind or that you have overcome your fear of speaking in front of large groups. Celebrate these victories, too, and share them with people around you.