Does Social Media Need Rescue? Dominic Williams Thinks So

When we hear people talking about “the only way to save” something, we often think in the most dramatic terms. With social media at the forefront of basically everything we do on a daily basis today, the idea that it could be at risk seems ridiculous. 


However, social media has a bit of an issue in that they all need some form of cloud computing giant to help them power their business. 

Whether you are using Microsoft or Amazon, or one of the smaller third parties, it’s a fact of life that social media – or any online business – needs these cloud services to back them up.

However, DFINITY creator Dominic Williams wants to change that around. He wants to build an internet protocol dubbed The Internet Computer that would decentralize the internet. It would put all cloud services onto bespoke, independent systems. 

At the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Williams and DFINITY were showing off their latest idea. They were using the demonstrative network they have built, called LinkedUp.

It was a decentralized take on the LinkedIn system, not owned by any one corporate party or group. It’s fully open-source, too, so a developer could take the LinkedUP code and do something with it already.

The software is being built on the Internet Computer platform, though, so it will be easy to find a public record of any changes being made. 

This is great for accountability and means that a social media platform cannot simply adjust its algorithms or how it works without input from others. 

As Williams noted in an interview with Forbes, “We have no idea how Facebook creates its News Feed, and we have no idea how Facebook processes our data, and we have no way of knowing if it ships that data to Cambridge Analytica, and that is one key difference with an open internet.

[On LinkedUp] you can see the updates to the software going through the governance system, so you know exactly what changes have been made and how the system works.”

New Future for Social Media Development

That’s a very important thing to think about. It would no longer for a social media to be able to just adjust and change everything. 


Remember when Facebook changed its algorithms and it basically wiped out smaller Facebook business pages? That wouldn’t be possible without a decent explanation with some like DFINITY is promising.

It would be more likely to be able to fight back against the trends which are limiting and ruining the potential of many social media websites. 

It would be great for people who want to know how the site works, and how the algorithms are designed. With over $190m raised from crypto investors and the likes of Andreessen Horowitz, there is much potential in the system that Williams has in mind.

Whether or not it could truly work, we don’t know yet. With a development kit available on the Dfinity platform, and with a full release expected this year, this could be very exciting, leading to a new kind of social media development.