Each State Perfectly Portrayed By One Photograph

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America, the Beautiful: A mix of 50 states and 50 cultures, with something to excite everyone! While most citizens have a favorite place or two, it's tough to become an expert on such a big country. 

Many people, especially those who live outside the US, tend to clump all the states together and view all American citizens as simply “American”. Is that the truth?

Only In America

No way, that is so wrong to do! The truth is that each state is a unique experience, with its own timeless attractions. Except for Idaho, a million and a half people with nothing to do but peel potatoes at that high school featured in local film Napoleon Dynamite. We kid, of course!

Now, a list to embody every state using one just picture to "rule them all". People often insist their home turf is an all-around winner, but which one is the wildest and wackiest? 

Read on to compare all those united states, coast to coast, top to bottom!