Families Recreate Vintage Photos With Hilarious Results

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Old family photos definitely inspire a rush of memories. Nostalgia can bring back the very moment when the pictures were snapped  for better or worse! Growing older means more sag and more grey. Is that all really so bad? Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been, Mark Twain once quipped. Father time waits for no one, at least without a visit from the botox fairy. For photographers with sass, it's possible to spoof the old scenes and contrast looks for laughs. A few funny families did exactly that, right here. It's time to take a look at their side by sides!

A Tender Snuggle, 34 Years Later

As a baby, this little fellow would lie on dad's chest to sleep. Nowadays, he is all grown up. But that doesn't mean anything has changed! Still a cuddlebug, son tried to recreate this special nap three decades later. How did the old man feel about it?

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Well, to start  the experience is a bit more weighty. It's hard to deny the pounds that have been gained over the years. Wincing in pain, dad allows the snapshot. The internet says thank you, and wishes him a quick recovery!

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