Fancy a Trip to Indonesia? Take a Phinisi Yacht

If you love the idea of traveling to new lands by boat, then you should make a point of going to Indonesia. Few parts of the world are so diverse and/or as interesting as Indonesia. You can get here by plane, of course, but why not make life more interesting? Thanks to the presence of a Phinisi Yacht, you could take a luxurious seaside trip to the many islands of Indonesia and explore for yourself.

These trips come with some excellent ways to enjoy the world from a different perspective. The company itself launched the Amandira in 2015, which is regarded as among the best charter yachts that you can take anywhere in Asia. The ship retains that classic phinisi styling, making it look like a gorgeous blend between an old-school ship and a modern yacht. It has stylish gaff-rigged sails and timber hulling – the ship, though, does not miss when it comes to modern amenities and features.

If you are considering coming to Indonesia, then do so on a classy yacht and make sure you take the time to explore a little. There are some great yachts to choose from outside of the Amandira, though, such as the Vela.

The Vela gets a lot of love because it is so comfortable, with enough space for six cabins and up to twelve passengers. You can enjoy a comfortable trip here, and you can enjoy getting visits to places like the Komodo National Park and trips to some important local scuba diving haunts. If you are looking for a way to get out of your comfort zone and see the world through a different lens, then the Vela makes doing so nice and simple.

What about the Celestia?

Another Indonesian yacht to consider going on would be the Celestia. This is one of the upcoming yachts that will be due for usage in early 2023, and it should be on your list of yachts to try out in the year to come. It is designed to take on the classic phinisi look and style, though modernized and improved further with some key amenities.

It has been designed by Jasmine Chong and Jason Tabalujan, who are both siblings, so it has that love and affection caked into every layer of the design. Out of all of the boats that you can take for a trip around Indonesia, the Celestia might be the most grandiose and luxurious yet. When will you try it out?