30 Photos That Prove Cats Are Adorable Pranksters

By Sarah Kasovski
Imgur / HeWhoPours

The timeless feud continues between dog people and cat people. An unbridgeable gap, perhaps! The division is real, but it seems kitties have their own loyal niche. The charge: Felines don't have the same emotional attachment. The defense: They just have a special way of showing it, whether you like it or not!

Fighting Like Cats and Dogs

Depending on how they are socialized, pets of different species can be the best of friends — or worst of foes. The two most common choices are felines and canines. It can be a real hit or miss, with that mix! How are these two doing, as roommates?

It doesn't look good, at present. With injured doggo laying on the couch, it might seem like this is a time to play nice. But carefully stepping right onto his cone, this kitty is as mischievous as ever. Fighting back will be hard now — but just you wait a month, Mr. meow meow!

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