Hilarious Moments Caught on the NYC Subway

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For anyone who has spotted weird and wild moments on the NYC subway, it's not a fluke. As most locals know well, the city's wild and wacky people congregate below ground. To visitors, it can seem like a parallel universe at times! With surprises left and right, the metro is never a bore. What's more, the system never sleeps! Operating all day and night, this 24-hour service seems to be on a mission to provide the internet community with amusement.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Every girl dreams of finding her knight in shining armor. But for whatever reason, this NYC lady seems less than ecstatic when it has finally happened right before her eyes. Out-of-towners might not relate. But have New Yorkers actually become as cynical as they seem?

Reddit / Scaulbylausis

Examining her scowl, it really seems so. But there's always a bright side: He probably doesn't know it! This armor probably blocks the judgmental stares on the train, from his perspective. And as they say, what he doesn't know can't hurt him. Dragons beware, this fighter has conquered the NYC subway grind today!

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