Genius Car Hacks Every Driver Should Try

By Sam Marsdale

James Bond and Batman knew it well: Ultra-luxury cars come with all the bells and whistles. These days, a top buyer can expect fancy clocks, champagne fridges, and scent systems as part of the package. But that's out of reach, for most! Anyone looking to make their old clunker more interesting, pay attention. An upgrade to every element is easy as 1, 2, 3 — and free, with the right DIY tips. New car buyers are welcome too! Whether for decoration or function, there are clever car hacks for every driver. It's time to pimp that ride, with tape and elbow grease!

The Magic of Slime

Nickelodeon used this green goo to entertain millions of kids on gameshows. Then, it became a commercialized toy at home! Not that fun isn't legitimate, but anyone who has a bit lying around might like to know that there is a practical use for it after all. What, exactly?

As it turns out, the squishy wonder is better than any cloth to clean the interior. It can ooze into any nook or cranny and collect dust and particles like nothing else. The AC vent and dash have met their match, in slime. It's even washable, for multi-use!

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