Get Your Food and Your Hiking Gear in one Place With The Happy Goat

When you are planning any kind of outdoor trip, one of the major roadblocks can be the sheer volume of stuff you need. This kind of trip often needs you to get lots of different things, often from different stores. That can be annoying. You might find as you shop around for this kind of stuff, though, that you are pretty hungry. All of that running around and shopping can get the belly rumbling, after all!

With that in mind, if you are ever in Tazewell, Virginia, you should drop into The Happy Goat. This is a hiking store that doubles as a deli. While you buy the stuff you need to conquer nature, you can enjoy an awesome little bagel made by the owners. This is a great way for you to get ready for a hiking trip, and if you are going to be hiking locally this is a tremendous starting point!

One thing to note about The Happy Goat is that they have a lot of options for things to buy. They have backpacks, boots, trekking equipment, hydration aides, and even some hammocks. If there is something that you have forgotten for the hiking trip, there is a good chance that you will find it on sale here.

The owners are friendly and endearing and will be happy to give insight, tips, and advice on the best goodies to buy for your journey ahead. Owners Lucie and Vince d’Amato are keen hikers and can tell you good local spots to try out if you want to challenge yourself in the local area.

You can even find that you can just chill out here, meet some people, and get to know the local area. If you are looking for a local business in Tazewell that can offer quality gear and great food, as well as a place to socialize, head to The Happy Goat.