Hacker Steals Bill Murray’s Crypto After $185K NFT Charity Auction

The auction's original runner-up bidder has already offered to replace the stolen funds.

Murray auctioned some NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on Thursday to donate the proceeds to charity. A hacker looted the actor's digital wallet a few hours after the auction closed.

The theft was noticed in time by Murray's team and others. It was possible to prevent the actor's NFTs from being stolen as well. Among them are valuable specimens, including an NFT by Damien Hirst. Murray's team has reported the theft.

The high-profile hack showcases how even well-known celebrities can fall victim to crypto hackers and thieves. In Bill Murray’s case, though, the actor had the benefit of a wallet security team that protected him from the worst of the incident.

Though the original ETH is gone, the charity for which the proceeds were intended, does not have to mourn the lost donation. According to Coindesk, the last bidder offered to replace the stolen money. 185,000 dollars is currently equivalent to 185,000 euros.

Murray’s team says it’s filed a police report and is working with crypto analytics firm Chainalysis to bring the attacker to justice.