Snapshots Of Shelter Dogs The Second They Get Adopted

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Shelters can be crowded places, these days. Often, there are more doggos than adopters! For the lucky ones, the day arrives when a friend takes them home. When dreams do come true, that moment is pure magic — worthy of a snapshot and a story!

Miles of Smiles

The joy of having a furry friend is best explained all in one picture — this one! On his way home for the first time, this lil' pup is perched on his daddy's shoulders. It's just so exciting, to be out and about in the world. Where are they going, after leaving the pound?

Reddit / Hi-sup

The answer is a new house, nothing like the cages of before. Cuddles are planned, adventures await, and freedom is in the air. And so is love, between man and pup!

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