HBO Max Aiming to Bring in Cheaper Price Tier, Backed With Ads

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When you go to one of the many (many) streaming platforms available today, one thing you might notice is the lack of ads. Compared to watching on the TV, you get no adverts on your streaming platforms. The only things they “advertise” are content on the channel that is new, hot, or likely to be suited to your viewing interests. However, HBO Max is looking to change that a little by introducing a new, cheaper pricing tier.

In exchange for the cheaper pricing, though, users will be subject to various ads. This is a major change, as HBO has long been the home of commercial-free viewing. However, while HBO cable is going to stay ad-free, their HBO Max streaming platform is going to start introducing commercials in the near future.

This will be known as “HBO Max with Ads”, and it will provide you with a cheaper $9.99 monthly fee. For contrast, normal HBO Max costs $14.99/month. For $5 less, you get access to the same HBO Max content as you get with the original subscription. This, though, does exclude any Warner Bros’ premieres of films that are coming to theatres.

Speaking about the decision was Tony Goncalves, the CRO at WarnerMedia, who said: “HBO Max with Ads will bring our beloved entertainment brands and franchises to even more consumers at this new, lower price point-while, for the first time, elegantly connecting brands to the premium, iconic IP that defines this service.”

It’s intriguing to note, then, just how much interest will exist around this platform. Given the price isn’t exactly a huge cut – around a third – it’s not a huge saving. Since most people detest getting stopped and annoyed by ads, it will be worth watching to see just how many people see $5 per month as worth sitting through countless ads as you go through the massive HBO Max library. 

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