How Eco-Friendly Beauty Is Becoming A Reality

Natural and organic products are becoming more and more popular — positive environmental and health impacts are drawing in more customers than ever before. But for the consumers to have green products to purchase, the brands will need to make it happen. The beauty industry, in particular, is taking active steps in becoming more eco-friendly. Here are some ways the beauty industry is stepping up its game! 

Photo: Marcell Viragh/Unsplash

Recycled Packaging

Reusable bags are something almost every buyer takes with them to the grocery store at this point. But have you ever considered reusable bottles? More and more companies are exploring creative ways to use recycled packaging and bottles for their products. 

Toxin Free

Toxins and chemicals are the last things you want to put on your face! Imagine these products in your everyday cleanser, concealer, or even your favorite perfume. These days, the organic market has grown, as more and more consumers are turning to natural products. These products are free of chemicals, making them safer for you, the environment, and the workers making the product.

Photo: micheile dot com/Unsplash

Banning Microbeads

In 2015, the Microbead-Free Waters Act was passed, which banned microbeads as a component in any formula. Microbeads are tiny plastic particles that go in soaps. These microbeads end up in the ocean, polluting water, contaminating the food chain with toxins…you get the picture. This ban is a win-win situation for bath products and the ecosystem!