How to Help After Hurricane Dorian

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Two weeks ago the Bahamas and the southeastern US were hit by Hurricane Dorian. The storm caused extensive damage and communities are still trying to put their communities back together and rebuild.

Weather is one of the most uncontrollable natural forces and one that we cannot control; what we can do is help those who are affected by these destructive and catastrophic weather events.

Although we may be far away from the storm we can still help out and have a positive effect on communities impacted by the event. In the Bahamas, for example, it is likely to cost billions of dollars to rebuild after this one hurricane. 

As a result to Bahamian government is looking for donations. Cash donations are preferred as these are more versatile and can be used to provide several different forms of relief.

Here are some of the places you can donate to help support these communities:

The Bahamas National Emergency Management Agency

Money can be donated directly to the Bahamas National Emergency Management Agency. If you are looking to donate goods or items then please check their website. They have provided a list of the things that they need.

Grand Bahama Disaster Relief

This charity accepts a minimum tax-deductible donation of $25. The charity which is an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) public charity based in Charleston, S.C is run by the Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina. 

They accept donations by check, wire on online. Online donations can be sent via Go Fund Me or it own donations portal.

The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency

The CDEMA makes it easy to send donations direct to the Bahamian Government via its website. Donate directly to the government of the Bahamas through CDEMA, using the instructions here.

Hurricane Dorian Relief Fund

Hurricane Dorian Relief Fund aims to support people with emergency supplies in the short term by providing food, water and medicine. Longer term they will provide assistance with rebuilding.

World Central Kitchen

World Central Kitchen is donating thousands of meals. This was established by the chef José Andrés and they have just donated their 100,000th meal.. It’s easy to donate, just click here to send them some support.

Clara Lionel Foundation

This organization, started by the singer Rihanna, supports major emergency grants to the Bahamas and around the world . You can make a donation to CLF here.


Based in the Bahamas the foundation has managed many millions of dollars and organized operations for the relief after Matthew and Joaquin, and also has a Go Fund Me where you can donate money to help the victims of Dorian.

American Red Cross

The Red Cross is currently looking for financial donations and blood. If you want to provide funds you can do so online. Those wanting to donate blood can find more information here.

Team Rubicon

Team Rubicon started from small beginnings in Haiti when it was established by marines, veterans and first responders who, alongside other volunteers, went to serve survivors after the earthquake.

Now it has become a large organisation and deployed teams to the Bahamas before Dorian made landfall to make sure they were on site to help immediately. You can support their efforts by donating here.


Americares aims to meet critical healthcare needs on the ground after disasters. They are mobilizing health care professions and disaster response experts to support the relief effort after Dorian. You can help them by donating here.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army provides support and relief operations worldwide. You can support them here.

Find even more pre-vetted philanthropies that are supporting Hurricane Dorian relief efforts through Charity Navigator.