iPhone: Your Private Shortcut App

With an iPhone in every hand and social media as well as communication with every one of our friends and family at our fingertips, we really don’t need anything else keeping us on our phones any longer than we already are.

That’s why having to do the same actions on your phone every single day can get annoying. Not only do you want to set it down every once in a while, but it’s also just tedious.

The iOS 12 is offering a new feature to help with this issue, and it turns out you don’t even need to be an app developer to create ways to make your phone operate better. You can now get the Shortcuts app to do that for you.

Siri shortcuts is designed to help you automate certain tasks and lessen the steps for other ones. You’ll have to install the app yourself from the App Store, but then within the app, you can begin to create ways to make your iPhone experience more personally enjoyable and conducive to you.

Here are five shortcuts that have turned out to be particularly useful:


  1. The Police Shortcut, created by Robert Petersen, is possibly the most popular. This shortcut will set your phone on Do Not Disturb Mode, send a text to whoever you choose letting them know you’ve been pulled over, and then cue your phone to begin recording a video.
  2. Another fantastic use of the Shortcut App has been this one that scans an item’s barcode to search for it online at Amazon, Target, and Walmart – and possibly more in the future!
  3. If you use Google Assistant, this one will especially come in handy for you. The Google Assistant now supports Siri Shortcuts so you can simply say, “Hey Siri, Okay Google,” to talk to Google Assistant more quickly. Great for doing any home control operations!
  4. Over the last couple of years, Spotify has grown in its popularity, much more than Apple Music. The Play Spotify Track Shortcut makes playing a song from Spotify much easier. Simply run the shortcut, say the name of the song, and it will begin!
  5. Lastly, this one has been a long time coming. We’ve all been complaining about how we can’t keep a YouTube video playing while we do other things on our phone. Well, the Background YouTube Shortcut has finally solved that.

You’ll need both the YouTube app and Google Chrome for it to work; all you have to do is click share in the YouTube app, select the shortcut, let the ad play, close Chrome, go into the control center, and press play.

These five are just a small sampling of all the inventive ways users have found to make use of the Shortcuts App; once you download it, you’ll see all the rest and begin to start creating your own!

What makes the Shortcuts App so uniquely amazing is how it gives you the power to combine actions. What once took a few minutes to complete with several tasks now takes one word or one tap of your finger – and much less phone time. Start creating and testing your shortcuts now with iOS 12.

Maybe your creation will end up on the next article about the Shortcuts App!