Is Google Getting Ready To Put Bitcoins At Risk?

Google sent the internet on its head when they announced they had built a quantum computer that is capable of solving nearly impossible mathematical calculations. That said, there are many who are seriously concerned if bitcoins will be at risk.

According to the business newspaper, the Financial Times, details about Google's so-called “quantum computer” claiming it can solve calculations that are nearly impossible for the standard computer, were posted on a NASA website before being deleted.

It is believed that Google's quantum computer is capable of performing calculations in 200 seconds what would take the most powerful computer 10,000 years to do. 

This could mean that bitcoins and the encryption they depend on could be destroyed. It's believed that Google's development of their quantum supercomputer could cause bitcoin and cryptocurrency to be hacked.

The Very Heart of Crypto

Understand, bitcoin, cryptography, and encryption rely heavily on complex mathematical equations. The fundamentals provide the basis of the internet and digital communication trust.

Keep in mind, a computer that's powerful enough, like Google's quantum computer, could solve these equations fast enough to crack not only bitcoin but also the encryption that the entire internet is built on!

With the enormous explosion in bitcoin investing and the bitcoin price over the past few years, have made many people very worried about their newfound crypto-based wealth. They fear this new threat from powerful quantum computers could cause bitcoin to explode in their faces.

There is still a lot of information regarding Google's quantum supercomputer that has not been provided. Questions are circling the internet and many investors are seriously concerned with the creation of such a powerful computer.

Will computers in the future cause irreparable harm to the internet, to the investment potential of bitcoins, and who knows what else? Hopefully, more information will become available as more people start questioning this supercomputer and what it will be used for.