Is There Any Money to be Made from Investing in Feng Shui?

For many people, the concept of using Feng Shui at home and/or in the office is a new one. 


Feng Shui has quickly become one of the most important industries in the world.  

Many people use it for making their own lives less cluttered, while others focus on using this technique to try and make their lives, in general, a touch less aggressive. However, is there any money to be made in this industry?

Some billionaires are investing in Feng Shui as a means of making a killing out of improving your living. Today, top people in the business sector are investing huge sums of money in this old-school Chinese practice. Hoping to use it to help maintain a higher level of positivity and energy in their offices and building blocks. 

The aim is to try and lift the mood in the office so that more is done with less by staff who are working hard.

Embedding Chimes into the Walls

One of the major names behind this development includes Ken Griffin, the billionaire hedge fund manager.


Griffin has seemingly brought in top Feng Shui practitioner, Alex Stark, to look into how he can vastly improve the workspace for the Central Park offices that Griffin owns. 

From adding chimes to the walls (embedding them in the wall) to quartz crystals being used liberally, Feng Shui is being taken very seriously here.

The building, which is set to open in 2021, is being designed with a very modern and enterprising style. When speaking to FOX Business about the move, though, Stark said that the building has “presented a number of issues” but seemed to have a solution for each problem. 

Stark focused on the logistical issues, saying: 

"It relied on introducing elements that would balance the steel and metal. We introduced a lot of earth qualities like stones with mineral quartz and certain types of granite that contain a lot of quartz in the structure's décor and furnishings, and pure quartz in the foundation,"

The main problem appeared to be finding a way of keeping that connection to nature and the earth in such a modern and robust building space.

Bringing a Sense of Positivity into the Workplace

The whole concept of using Feng Shui and its assorted goods is that it can go some way to helping to promote a sense of healing, energy, and inner protection. 


That’s why the semi-transparent spaces with wood wall finishes and carpets work well so together with the addition of things like quartz minerals.

Basically, many people are taking the application and usage of Feng Shui in their business lives very seriously indeed. And it’s easy to see why – it could be just the solution needed to help calm down a busy, fast-paced place of work.

Feng Shui is all about bringing a sense of positivity into the workplace and can be done as easily as moving a few desks around to simply creating an atmosphere that minimizes clutter, congestion, and mess overall.

If it’s good enough for the big dog billionaires invested in the economy, then it might be good enough for us to try on our own.