It’s Time for Evolving Technology to Deliver and Avoid Issues

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There is no doubt, today’s consumers are looking for immediate gratification. Whether it’s an experience, packaging, or media content. 


To satisfy these consumers, many companies are increasing the cost-effective availability for on-time delivery whether in one day or two days. 

Unfortunately, the rise in deliveries has created increased levels of congestion, especially in large cities where deliveries are well over 1.5 million packages on a daily basis!

The good news, evolving technology is providing some relief with smart grids that will result in better visibility to roads so couriers can manage their routes more efficiently and relieve congestion. 

It’s hoped that drones can offer road use, especially for smaller packages. There are some tests being conducted such as UPS working with CVS to deliver prescriptions to customers’ doors, using its drone delivery program.

Taqee Kaled, director of strategy at Nerdery, believes the most natural approach is the transportation of medical technology-related items. 

There is no doubt there is a large market among certified lab testing where equipment is needed daily, is highly predictable, and will be a high margin for indicators and biological agents. 

Going a step further, in lab results, some high-risk and high-value testing labs might be enough incentive to create rapid, low-friction customer delivery from drones like oncology, infectious diseases, etc.

According to Taqee, with more businesses welcoming drone technology, there will be a major impact on how manufacturers see the supply chain. 

Drones can immediately raise in identifiable data sets for optimum weights, densities, package dimensions, and the distances of travel that must be sorted out and prioritized according to customer needs and margins for parcels shipped. 

If you are the original manufacturer, you want to identify the lightest weight and highest margin items that are needed the most by B2B customers. 

This might not be the case in some circumstances so you need to find out certain incentives in some purchases with ancillary bundling like Walgreens that is presently doing with their OTC drone bundles in Virginia.

The Challenges Dealing With Drones

Attempting to leverage drones has its own setbacks and challenges. In some cases, this is not different from the increasingly common phenomenon of receiving packages on your doorstep.



It seems that social change has been responsible for lowering the strangeness bar regarding drones. Most consumers will probably not care if their smaller packages are flown to the doorstep without a human carrier or not.

Statistics have shown drones can lower carbon impact, there is zero interaction with another person which could be quite enticing. There are also issues when it comes to sensitive private drops like prescription drugs. 

There is also the challenge regarding thefts or proving receipt for potential insurance reimbursements. Also, in combinations with potential social stigma, if small packages are regularly dropped off in visible areas of a neighborhood, it’s like allowing the public to view your medicine cabinet.