An End To The Rumors: John Travolta Finally Shares His Truth

Getty Images
John Travolta somehow stands out, even among the other big names in Hollywood. He is quite possibly one of the most talented entertainers in the industry. However, with great fame comes many secrets. From his association with the Scientology religion to his controversial love life, we’re about to take you through some of the biggest controversies of Travolta's life. 
Travolta’s private life has been the subject of much debate in the media, yet he’s so adept at keeping his cards to his chest, that no one has ever found hard evidence to support the rumors. Recently, however, John Travolta decided to come out and put all misinformation to rest by offering the truth that lies behind the whispers. What he had to say was astonishing. Read on to learn more about this amazing performer’s past and the secrets he’s finally chosen to share.